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Become a partner today in making global trade work for all people 



What we Value


Worker Ownership 

Partner organizations should have a structure of worker ownership, or a transition plan to full worker ownership. Participating groups should demonstrate a roster of ownership, a system of bylaws for worker owned governance, and a formula for how profits are distributed among the workers. 

Existing Demand

Partner organizations should give an overview of their product demand in local markets and export capacity. We prioritize groups that can demonstrate an existing demand for their products to have access to short run revenues. 


We are especially interested in working with groups that have a capacity to be scalable beyond their current membership. Groups should demonstrate an ability to add members, and reflect an accounting and business practice that actively includes and encourages new membership. Scalability should reflect the ability to scale to meet increased demand, through local or export markets. 

Economically Vulnerable Women

Partnerships with groups that have a significant share of women owners are given priority for funding. We believe that women in ownership and leadership roles has the capacity to engender significant returns for growth for families and communities. 


Our Grant and Loan Program Competition



Our grant program is currently underway until August 31, 2017. Groups will be accepted on rolling admission once applications are received and presented to the board of directors.


Loan Program Specifics

  • Loans will be approved for up to $50,000 USD
  • Groups that demonstrate their ability to meet our loan term requirements will be approved for specific capital investment for durable capital and manufacturing inputs for products with existing demand. 
  • Groups must have an active legal status, or pathway to legal status in the country in which they are applying.

Loan Terms

  • Loans will be made on an interest free basis.
  • Loans should be for durable capital or purchase of manufacturing inputs with an existing demand for output products.
  • Organizational finances must be available for review by EACDG staff members.
  • Repayment period will begin 6 months after disbursement of funds.
  • Repayment shall be on a a 2 - 5 year schedule, to be determined by the organization's revenue and structure.


Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Groups will be required to submit monthly accounting overviews to the grants administration team.
  • The Grants Administration team will provide feedback for critical operations and organizational structures to the workshop board of directors and management.
  • Quarterly financial reports of organizational finances will be prepared and presented to the EACDG board of directors.


How To Apply

  • Interested parties should send an e-mail to with a .pdf document of their organizations structure and overview. Successful partners will detail how their group's structure, mission and business model fit the values of the East Africa Cooperative Development Group.